Technical Center

Technical Center comprises an analytical laboratory and a knowledge center which is being developed in time bound phases. This center will grant access to testing facility and technical literature to our customers.

Analytical Services :

Instrument Name Make Testing capability
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Mettler Toledo - Melting Temperature
- Heat of fusion
- Crystallization Temperature
- Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
Moisture Analyzer Mettler Toledo - Moisture content (weight loss)
Balance with Density Kit Mettler Toledo - Density and Standard Specific Gravity
- Weighing up to 220 g.
Stereo Microscope Olympus - Digital imaging with magnification up to 100x
Particle size analyser Sympatec - Particle size analysis range from 1.0 µm to 3500 µm

Knowledge Center :
• Fluoropolymers’ handbook
• Testing standards - ASTM
• Technical Data Sheets, Processing guides & SDS in different languages
• Product related certifications
• Toxicological studies

REACh : Gujarat Fluorochemicals GmbH is the Only Representative (OR) of all products exported to Europe by GFL, India

Product Certifications : Compliance of products related to various end use applications prevalent in the European Fluoropolymer Industry such as SVHC, RoHS, EU food contact directives (EC 10/2011, EC 1935/2004), Drinking Water Regulations (W270 & WRAS), REACh, etc.

Customer Support : Local support to optimize & troubleshoot product processing and application development.